Children have been selected for events from our Partners, by directors and nurses:
The Burn Foundation
Pacific California Hospital
Enloe Hospital
Esplanade House
Cancer Center's in LV, No. Ca.
Oakland Children's Hospital
Parents of children that call or write us

Do you know a sick or disabled child to nominate for an event?

  "I interviewed Mike Myers, the greatest star ever. I also flew a plane and made turbulence. It was a blast!"     "It was so awesome, it was the greatest day of my life. It changed my life and it was the best day I will ever have. I felt like such a huge star."
    "I am 12 and a four time cancer survivor. My event was awesome. I interviewed Andy Garcia."
  "I want to be a singer. My event was singing on the radio and I got a karaoke machine. It changed my life and inspired me to go for my dreams."     "My event made my dreams come true. I felt very blessed Dejra, you are my guardian angel."     "I flew a plane like Batman! It was the best!"
  "It was so awesome, it was one of the best days I've ever had. I'd like to help A Star For The Night with future events for other kids."     "Levi went to bed that night with his prize belt buckle and he said he would never sleep without it. It was a day he will never forget" -Levi's Mom.     "We were stars in the rodeo. It was the greatest day ever."
  "My event was so wonderful and I loved being a star."     "Meeting Beyonc'e Knowles was a dream come true. Thanks for my laptop also."     "I had sooo much fun! I can't explain how amazing this experience was!"

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